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The long-lasting course of the company, the quality of our products as well as the big impression that they find in the market, have created powerful bonds between us. It is not exaggeration to say - drawing your attention in our relation - that already you know us and at some way you are using us! If you are professional in the field you know from own experience the quality of our products. You use it every day and it quarantees the quality of your work. Even if you do not deal professionally with wood, it is absolutely certain that “we exist”. It is very likely you welcome your friends in furniture that has been manufactured by PLAKAZ our have lunch in table with veneer surface MOYRIKIS or from melamine. The furniture of your bathroom should be of sea PLYWOOD. If you live in maisonettes, most likely the internal stairs are made from MASIF WOOD MOYRIKIS. Probably we exist in the bedrooms and in the rooms of your children. It would not be excessive if we claim that… “we became carpet that you step on”, but… FLOORS for sure [!] and in particular in millions square metres, until today in the 85 years of our process.
Selecting the time and place, you can guide in the installations of our company, enrich your knowledge on our products, watch the course of trunke from our harbour in Kalamaki [Korinthia], its treatment in the ultramodern factory and its configuration in final product. The rich optical material that is found in your disposal, constitutes precious assistant in your virtual tour in the installations and in the all sectors of production of Industry, F.A. MOYRIKIS S.A.


Industry F.A. MOYRIKIS S.A was founded in 1924 from Fotis Mourikis. Consequently it exists as the older purely Greek company of treatment of timber. Today, 80 years afterwards, the F.A. MOYRIKIS S.A., is one of the most complex industries in the sector of timber, staffed by personnel that specifie and love timber - something they prove daily through their specialised work.

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